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Iconoclast began in March of 1996 as a hazy concept of a futuristic world that would incorporate everything that needed incorporating. In short, it was a reconstruction of everything, a world that represented the world, but for a few decades of difference. Genetic experimentation, cybernetics, neural interfaces, megacorporations, gangs and cults, millennial panic... topics the Cyberpunks had been writing about for years, now finally accepted as essential elements in all writing, and in all things.

Reality has finally caught up with science fiction. And reality is, as it turns out, scarier than the wildest Cyberpunk nightmares. In a way, the world of Iconoclast exists all around us, a frightening fantasy that is no longer just fantasy. So what happens when you take the present day and project it 100 years into the future?

That's where you come in.


An Icon is not a person. An Icon is just waiting for an Iconoclast to come along. In fact, an Icon doesn't even deserve a capital letter. From now on, you will be referred to as an icon.

icons are those who fuel the machine. icons are the cannon fodder that keep wars going. icons are numbers. icons are faceless. icons struggle every day to make enough money to pay for rent and food so that they can survive for one more day to start the whole process over again. icons are trapped.

Now inviting you to check out the coolest, most original and longest running cyberpunk MUD this side of anywhere!

100% original world, theme and races, Iconoclast is a wonderful roleplaying environment for gamers at any level. Using highly-modified circle code, you encounter a unique gaming environment that effectively combines realism, raw science and cyberpunk elements to create a fascinating experience.

Chose from any of the ten genotypes (or races):
  • Daemon - The ultimate meshing of the mind and technology.
  • Goth - Mutant able to enhance any physical aspect of its body.
  • Human - The most technologically advanced species ever.
  • Morph - The ultimate meshing of the body and technology.
  • Psycho - An intelligent mutant with dangerous creativity.
  • Rager - A genetically-enhanced killing machine.
  • Savant - Intelligent sage able to manipulate nervous systems.
  • Shifter - Noble, feral warrior able to change form at will.
  • Spectre - Elite, agile combat operative and assassin.
  • Vampire - Not a cheesy myth; the ultimate survival adaptation.

    Customize your character with inventive and interesting items that can be purcased throughout the game. Write a description of your character, 80 characters wide and up to 12 lines long!

    You begin your journey in the suitably designated OOC area, where you can travel north into a "Newbie Adventure" or, if you're feeling adventurous right off, head up into the IC area. It's a one way route, so be sure! (You can always return to the OOC room by typing quit! and reentering the game).

    Clever additions for roleplay include:
  • The ability to set the preference for OOC or IC, enabling you to emote and speak as yourself or as your character.
  • "osay" which allows you to say something OOC even if you're in the middle of a roleplay, just in case.
  • Now, longer input lines giving you the opportunity to pose longer and more elaborate emotes (for us long-winded types).
  • And "emit", a nifty roleplay tool that allows a player to add ambiance to a room (emit "A stiff wind blows through the room.") or to further customize an emote (emit "Knitting her fingers together tightly, D looks down at her feet and shuffles nervously.")

    A great addition to any Icon's playing experience is to take advantage of the Iconoclast Wiki, an ever-changing, player-maintained, oft-updated aid and guide to the Iconoclast world. Here you'll find a player list, current plots, player organizations and tips for roleplaying in this unique environment.

    See you there!
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