Soma (mrtilley) wrote in iconoclastmud,

From an old playah.

Hey there. Don't know if anyone on here remembers me, used to play on icon. My name was Terek.

Maybe four or five years now.
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Mrrrr. Terek, you old dog. Welcome. Drake here.
P'raps it would be benignant to log in before I ask a question, non? Anyway, how are you?
Better in some aspects, worse in others. How about yourself?
I am all right. I'm a father now. Heh. But his mother and I, well... so I have child support.
My god, are you 20 years old, yet? At least I'm no longer twice your age.

I am 21, actually. Nice to see you.

Hi there. Not sure I know who you were/are. But thank you for tackling me.
Ohhhh... guess who I am. ;P
Hey, how's it going? Sorry on the late, laggy responses. I don't actually have the internet. I just use it at the local uni.
It's alright. I'm alive... other than that, it varies for day-to-day how well I'm doing. :}

It -is- good to hear from you, though. I'm being completely sincere. *hugs*
Murf. You be alive...or I do. I've not seen you around for awhile chico.

How's things been? Mind if I add you to the friends list thing?
Nope, I don't mind. Things are all right. How are things with you? How is your son? (I attempted to spell his name a couple times, none of which looked adequate, so I stuck to the basic.)